Natural Treasures

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Just off the main highway, nestled in a marina over 30 years old, you’ll find one of the most bustling salt water fishing scenes on the eastern seaboard. Halfway between New York and Miami as the ship sails, the faint scent of salt fills the air as you wander from dock to dock. Although much of the local produce of the sea is caught for sport, the vast majority is actually procured for sustenance. And only hours after it’s caught, you can find local fisherman cleaning their catch, sharing a beer and spinning stories about the ones that got away. All boats are welcome, all fishermen are welcome and the more stories you have to tell, the more friends you’re bound to make.

Out And About

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A quick stroll down main street in Historic Georgetown is all it takes to uncover the sights, sounds and flavors of the local food scene. Whether you’re after low-country inspired fine dining or just a beer on the deck as the boats stream in, there’s something on tap for every palate. Waiting on Rollin’ Local to open for lunch on Saturday? No problem. Pop over to the farmer’s market and grab some fresh peaches and have yourself a little dockside diversion. Need some fresh seafood to toss on the grill? Go see Cotton down at the dock, but make sure to get there early. Looking for one last cocktail and some live tunes before it’s time to turn in? Head over to the Big Tuna… and tell ‘em Bucky sent ya.

Shop and Stroll

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If a little shopping and a movie occupies the top of your to-do list, then the downtown business district has you covered. With everything from multi-purpose fishing apparel to mid-century modern furniture, one circuit of Front street is all it takes to become a lifelong patron of the budding independent businesses of historic Georgetown. Swing by Augustus & Carolina for some furniture and decor, stop in to Black Mingo Outfitters to grab a hat, then wander the Harborwalk as the sun sets on the Sampit River. But don’t let the evening get away from you… Old Georgetown Creamery closes at 9pm!

Homes With History

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Just a few steps away from the shopping and dining hub that is Front street, lies a sleepy, yet monumental stretch of road known as Prince Street. In the shadows of 200 year old oaks, lie homes that have been standing tall since the 1700’s. But it’s not just the structures that are historic. Landmarks like the Rainey-Camlin house, home to former slave and the first black US Congressman Joseph H. Rainey, rest side-by-side with local Georgetown residences. Just down the street a few hundred feet, sits the home of William Doyle Morgan, the mayor credited for leading Georgetown to its landmark prosperity in the late 1800’s. And if you want to experience how the “King of Georgetown” Paul Trapier lived in the 1750’s, make sure to stop in and see Robin at the Kaminski House museum for a tour.